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“I’m so glad that I did it. Probably the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve gained so much validation and confidence in myself.” – Rivka (Funny Women Award 2016 Finalist)

“You can’t underestimate how much your mental wellbeing and confidence is boosted by the joy of simply being daft for a few hours a week.”  – Sean

“The best fun you could ever have on a Monday night with people you didn’t previously know.. one of my lifetime highlights.” – Phil

“Silky’s course is brilliant. His warm and gentle approach makes you work hard without realising and gets the best out of everyone. Best thing I’ve done this century!” – Julia


Our graduates have gone on to...

  • Become president of the Professional Speaking Association (UK)

  • Perform worldwide and at comedy festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe and Leicester Comedy Festivals

  • Become Leicester Square Theatre New Act Of The Year, Harrogate, Bath & Nottingham Comedy Festival New Acts Of The Year, winners of Circuit Breakers and Slaminutes

  • Be finalists in many major competitions including Funny Women and Leicester Square New Act Of The Year

  • Found Super Trooper Improv and the The White Coats

  • Become regulars with Murder Inc and The Discount Comedy Checkout

Some of them haven’t done anything onstage since, but have a crack team of new friends, many happy memories, and a completely new string to their bow.

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